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IDEALFUEL – Lignin as a feedstock for renewable marine fuels

IDEALFUEL is an EU-funded research and innovation action which aims to develop new production methods for sustainable marine fuels to replace heavy fuel oils (HFOs) in shipping. Due to their fossil origin, the use of heavy fuel oils contributes to global warming and in addition to the emission of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. The goal of the IDEALFUEL project is to create sustainable alternatives by developing new efficient and low-cost methods to produce low-sulphur HFO from wood-based non-food biomass.


Project full name: Lignin as a feedstock for renewable marine fuels
Start date: 01 May 2020
Duration: 48 months
Total budget: 4.77 M€
Funding by the EC: 4.77 M€
Partners: 11

IDEALFUEL partners


Collaboration in asphalt APplications with Lignin in the Netherlands

The aim of this project CHAPLIN is to evaluate lignin, which is produced in The Netherlands, in asphalt applications and monitor current and novel test roads of selected lignins. CHAPLIN will generate data on the availability of locally and Internationally sourced lignins and study its suitability as binder in hot mixed asphalt. The partners in CHAPLIN cover the full value chain including lignin production, processing of lignin in asphalt, test road construction, and integral knowledge of lignin, bitumen and asphalt.


Project full name: Collaboration in asphalt APplications with Lignin in the Netherlands
Acronym: CHAPLIN
Start date: 04 March 2020
Total budget: € 454.382
Funding by the EC: € 454.382
Partners: 16

OP Zuid – Doing more with lignin 

A switch from fossil-based to renewable raw materials is necessary to reduce the carbon footprint of the Dutch chemical sector. Bioresidues play an important role in this transition as an emerging feedstock for chemicals and materials. The ‘Doing more with lignin’ project sets out to contribute to this goal by setting up a full value chain at pilot scale for lignin-based materials (polyurethane) and chemicals (phenol). Lignin – obtained from biomass – seems to be a very interesting residue as it is a low-cost and abundant renewable raw material.


Project full name: European Grant ‘Doing more with lignin’
Start date: 01 October 2019
Total budget: 2.9 M€
Funding by the EC: 2.9 M€
Partners: 3