Our Platform

Goldilocks® – Limitless possibilities.

By bringing Goldilocks® to market, Vertoro is offering an altogether new kind of green platform product that can be used to make materials, fuels, and chemicals. Countless downstream applications are possible. Goldilocks® allows our customers to significantly decrease their carbon footprint, without rising costs. We look forward to discussing the tailor-made solution that will allow you to sustain your business without having to change your hardware.

In the children’s story, little Goldilocks tries out the porridge, chairs and beds of the bears. They are either too hot or cold, hard or soft. But there is one option, belonging to the little bear, which is just right for her. Similarly, we have managed to create stable lignin oligomers that are just right: because they are solvent soluble and melt-flowable they are easy to process, yet they still retain their natural properties. Hence, Goldilocks®.


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