About Vertoro

Vertoro is proud to present the green gold of the future.

Meet Goldilocks®.

We aim to speed up the green revolution by offering a bio-based alternative to fossil resources. Our green gold is bold and will prove invaluable to the future of the planet. Ultimately, it can replace fossil crude oil as a platform product for materials, chemicals and fuels. Let’s move forward together and find radical, affordable alternatives that will help you to reach your sustainability goals. The change is unfolding.

Vertoro is a spin off company from a public-private partnership between Brightlands Chemelot Campus, DSM, Chemelot InSciTe, University of Maastricht (UM) and Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e).

The partnership was founded in 2017 and initiated by Vertoro CEO Michael Boot and CTO Panos Kouris.

We are a capital-backed and university-backed chemical startup with a novel and protected approach to transforming biomass, woody and agricultural residues into a wide range of bio-based chemicals, materials, and fuels.

What sets us apart:

We offer a scalable and robust production platform that can handle a wide array of inputs and outputs through a simple processing unit, one that has been validated technically and currently sits at a TRL 6.
We have triggered significant interest from global corporations across industries and geographies, from oil majors to ship-owners to chemical companies.
We are powered by a multi-faceted team with a thorough scientific foundation and supplemented by significant commercial experience.

We will be one of the largest producers of commercially available lignin-based products


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